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    Distribution Map of China's Mainstream Automotive Interiors & Exteriors Companies in 2021

    Elaborately produced by the CIAIE Organizing Committee, the distribution map sorts out the data from 2009 to the present. According to China's auto sales data in 2020, the operating valuation of auto interior parts in 2020, the global auto parts revenue rankings in 2020, and the integration of well-known Chinese auto parts companies. In order to have a more detailed understanding of the distribution of the automotive interior and exterior industry, in response to the needs of our customers, the "Distribution Map of China's Mainstream Automotive Interiors & Exteriors Companies in 2021"

    • First publish: 20,000 copies (dimensions: 117 x 84cm)

    • 50% will be sent to OEMs, purchasers, technical personnel, production personnel, etc.

    • 30% will be sent to tier 1 & 2 & 3 in the interior and exterior industry.

    • 20% will be sent to automotive interior and exterior companies, design institutes, etc.

    During the exhibition, we will give the map to visitors and exhibitors for free. The registration of maps has exceeded 5,000 people.

    The distribution map also provides limited services for companies that need to understand the market and promote their brands in the automotive interior and exterior industry:

    • The map is named, the LOGO of the named company is displayed side by side with the CIAIE and LOGO, and a picture of the distribution map is displayed

    • Picture display, picture size 180mm*70mm, 20000RMB/piece (the cost of a single advertisement is only 1RMB)

    • Recommended by high-quality suppliers, including company name, main products, contact information, 5000RMB/piece (the cost of a single advertisement is only 0.4RMB).

    Advertising is inviting......

    To receive a map for free, please contact:


    86 183 2165 9601

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