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    Exhibition Profile

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    Vehicle exhibition area: 

    electric passenger cars, passenger cars, commercial vehicles, hydrogen cell vehicles, etc.;


    Exhibition area for battery motor electric control and assembly automation:

    New energy automobile motor, magnetic material, iron core, rotor, insulation materials, winding equipment, housing, dynamic balance, automatic assembly line; new energy automobile power battery, raw materials, supercapacitor, power battery PACK production equipment, test equipment and battery management system


    Exhibition area for electronic components of new energy auto: 

    electromagnetic materials, power semiconductors and modules, passive components, sensors, test tools, etc.


    Technical equipment for the construction of hydrogen cell technology and hydrogenation station

    Hydrogen production, storage and transportation technology and equipment, fuel cell stack parts and raw materials, hydrogen refueling station equipment, testing and analytical instruments


    Exhibition area for charging technology of new energy auto

    Charging pile, battery charger, power module, charging (changing) power station construction; inverter, transformer, charging cabinet, power distribution cabinet, filtering equipment, high and low voltage protection equipment, converter, relay, connector, cable, wiring harness, etc.;


    Exhibition area for wiring harness and connector of new energy auto

    Wiring harness assembly of new energy automobiles, power high-tension cable, battery BMS collection line, PACK plug, cable tie; connector, hose sheath and positioning clip of new energy automobiles; harness and connector production equipment, detection and testing


    Exhibition area for heat management of new energy auto (vehicle, battery, air conditioner)

    New energy vehicle, power battery, air conditioning heat management system, cooling system, heat management materials (phase-change materials, thermal insulation foam, etc.), simulation software, test equipment and related accessories such as electronic expansion valves, solenoid valves, water-cooled plates, heat exchangers, filters, fans, PTCs, heat pumps, refrigerants, compressors, piping, etc.


    Exhibition area for the test and measurement of new energy auto

    Vehicle performance test, motor performance test, electronic control system test, power battery test, fuel cell test, environmental test, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) analysis, axle test, wheel test, vehicle-mounted diagnostic system, noise, vibration and comfort, third-party testing, online testing of automotive manufacturing, parts processing inspection, automated testing of new energy automobiles, etc.

    Automotive lightweight technology and materials exhibition area

    Metal/non-metallic lightweight materials, lightweight components, forming/processing technology and equipment, design engineering, etc.

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