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    Greater Bay Area International New Energy Vehicle Technology Expo 2022

    The global new round of technological and industrial transformation is booming, and the integration of related technologies in the fields of automotive energy, transportation, information and communication is accelerating. Electricity, networking, and intelligence have become the development trend of the automobile industry. New energy vehicles are the main direction for the transformation and upgrading of the global automobile industry, as well as the strategic choice for the high-quality development of China's automobile industry. Profound changes are taking place in automobile product forms, transportation modes, energy consumption structure and social operation modes, which provide unprecedented development opportunities for the new energy automobile industry.

    In order to promote the high-quality development of the new energy vehicle industry and enhance core competitiveness, Greater Bay Area International New Energy Vehicle Technology Expo 2022 will be held at the Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center (Baoan New Hall) on Nov 30-Dec 2, 2022. We sincerely invite global new energy vehicle manufacturers and auto parts suppliers to jointly build a new platform for international cooperation and add new impetus to the common development of China's new energy vehicle industry.


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